My guilty pleasure

It’s all just a ruse,

isn’t it?

Remember the day

you found yourself

satisfied, wondering

not once that if you had

all that you ever wanted,

what was the point in living on?

What was your excuse then

to stay lost

in the labyrinth of life

that has devoured

it’s fair share of lives?

Why shouldn’t I choose

to end at happiness

when the happy ending,

at the mercy of the future,

may never be realised.

Ah sweet future,

a gimmick of the Gods,

a ray of light at the end of

a neverending tunnel.


So what?

So what if you were born

To be unborn,

So what if you are healed

Only to be broken again,

So what if my heart

Belongs to you,

So what it it wanders off again.

You can call it back

With all you have,

You can try to cage it up.

So what if you gave it

All that you had,

It’s bound to fly off again.

– Yuki


In that beautiful assortment of moments
I lost the I in me
In the confluence of your pain
The echoes of our last laughter,
In the wet specks of dirt
Shining through the hidden moonlight.
Chaos gave birth to peace,
Tranquility like never before.
Tonight the soul of Eirene
Whispered a tale to the winds.


Some Change

A creature of habit,
I sat down to write
A tale of heartbreak today.
A sad song on a merry day.
How sad the song did go
How easy settled it in place,
But how was I to feel the pain
And who was I to relate?
When blessed me someone
With a boy who loves, a love
That reaches his eyes.
He shattered my dreams
Of aging lonely,
He made me dream what people dream
When lightning strikes Striatum,
I know, I know, how ruthless I sound
But the call of identity sucks hard.
Yet now I know how extraordinary
Can an ordinary gesture be,
The thriver of darkness now knows
The meaning of her sunshine.


How can I love you


And I may cry for you.


And I may make you want to.


And I may offer my lap.

But for long..

How can I love you?

How can I love your neediness

How can I love your scars

How can I love the way you sleep

When all I am to you,

Is an illustrated piece of skin.

Beyond the clouds

A lonely walk through a rainy sky
The wet inside, the cold outside
The beauty of the clouds fogged
All that’s left is a mass of white.
So why is the soul seraphic
Why is my heart so calm
All surrounds me that’s grey
All surrounds me that’s ice.
The fog so thick
Once made some sense
A lover in pain
A pained in love.
I saw your face in them
I saw my fate in them
Yet today I see them for who they are
And believe me, it’s better that way.


Lucy was smart.

Ignorant and ranting at times,

An opiniated woman she was.

Yet furry eyes, discoloured skin

Kept her from love but got her

All the attention not wanted.

Her hands and legs

Bled once a month,

Her toenails were rotten

Lips rugged and bad.

But at midnight daily

She turned beautiful,

An angel, a lordess I conveniently

Chose not to share.



The day when the weakest Lucy inside metamorphoses into the strongest Lucy you know you can be,

That day shall know you the prettiest of all,

That day shall know you the winner of your own legacy.

– Yuki

The souls

It’s dark and rainy

Sweet smell, the earth calls

A street light

An old passerby

It’s like the heaven’s taken

Upon self to shush my soul.

And yet there’s a ringing

As piercing as a scream

As horrifying as a nightmare,

A constant cacophony

Of died souls that live on

A constant cry

Of a living soul dead long ago.

You shall stay in my journey…

It’s all beauty, hell beauty’s an understatement

Clear bright eyes under a known Phoebos

Opened to a world of lonely purity,

Ah, it’s like loneliness’ making love to the unknown.

Yes, to find such tranquillity, I left home

But I found another and I will again

Where shall I hold you then, how shall we go on

I really don’t know, and hence my love here we end.

Take me

Take me from my deepest abomination

Drop me where I unerringly belong

Save me where I shall linger forever

And there my schatz, shall I dwell.


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