What would it take

What would it take for you to hold me so hard until there’s no more space left for yourself?

What would it take for me to hold you so hard that not seeing you for years shall not remain a possibility?

What would it take for us to hold each other so that eyes stay eyes and hearts not apart?

I dream at night and wonder in sunshine, what would it take for me to hold myself so hard, I be myself one again,

Not another, not a none again and that’s when it’s you I see, the one for me, the one in me.


So it hurt

The air’s still warm, redolent from

The another last time you held me,

I’m one with those sharp claws

I’m one and yet not and so it hurt.

They call out, scream and reach

The designated resonance but still

Today, the sounds are in a distant land

They reach a distant, distant memory.

I think (and yes I am a girl)

I think raping the child

with knives up her little

body was wrong, very wrong.

I think killing the boy

for loving her above the

society was wrong, very wrong.

I think pressing their tits on

the moving bus to satisfy his

lust was wrong, very wrong.

I think judging anyone,

big or small, for wearing a

skirt is wrong, very wrong.

I think weirding someone out

walking by naked just to feel the

breeze is wrong, very wrong.

I think punishing the man

who raped the child but

calling him ‘the man’

who abuses his wife

is wrong, very wrong.

So why is it that I am judged

for some of my opinions while

others seem just fine to you?

The imaginary stream of yours

and whether or not I flow with

is hopefully a personal decision.

I think marking me as an outcast

for a harmless decision of

mine is wrong, very wrong.

The magical swing

There you go, again…

This magical swing is driving me crazy, up and down it’s course.

Away, above, beautiful… smooth skin, set jaws, you make my heart melt.

The farther you go the more I parch, I want you badly back.

And then it creaks, you start to return, the homecoming of my hero.

The closer you inch, your fangs I see… a horrifying sight it is, I start to back step.

One step back, one scar gone… oh, what the heck is this?

Confused and yet with newly gained insight, I run to the next swing.

Am I weird?

Am I weird, alone..?

Or do you exist,

Somewhere there

In the infinity

To my existence,

Yet insignificant

In significance.

Someone who spends

All day thinking

Why does the light

Have to penetrate

The darkness.

Why the matter

To feel the vibrations.

Why us to pick puzzles

or why the puzzle

at the first place.



We fell back


on the enchanted

oasis of chaos.

She smiled standing

there, her waist

slim with the

curves at the right

places and I lost

you in the delta of

thousand possibilities.

Months later, back

in the comfort

of my confinement

it struck me,

neither was she

human nor were

your footprints

alive on the shore.

Scarred Snow

To ups and downs

that ruled my snow,

to scarred craters

restricting my flow,

to the fall of the ghats

tranquillizing my delirium,

I give my life, only

time being the Pharaoh.



For you I left

The land of lands

For you I spat

Blood, toothed smile

But the loving obsessed

Mind of mine

Forgot your blue-love

Forgot your red-hate.

Fire Love

Blinding me, the light

That’s yours, that shines

Bright on those flushed,

Carved, perfections.

It’s beauty to you

So you pull me,

Harder and harder

You push me.

I resist, you insist

I stop, at least try to

But you frown.

Not cruelly, no smirks

You are confused,

Your twinkling eyes

Want to soak the light.

Your expectations make

My heart goes faster,

Your love blinds me,

Cuffs me to sorrow.

‘Coz the blinding

Light that seems so

Enticing to you

Catches my eyes on fire!

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